Event of the Year
This award is presented to an event that exemplifies industry best practices in all aspects of its operation. The event stimulated the economy in the community, region, and province while providing a commitment to sustainability practices and initiatives. The event provided inclusivity arrangement and provided attendees with high standard of satisfaction.

Volunteer of the Year
Volunteers are an important part of the event industry. This award recognizes a volunteer who demonstrates excellence by going above and beyond. The nominee has made a significant difference in supporting events in their community, Province, or region. 

Champion of the Year 
This award is given to an individual who embodies the spirit of collaboration in event hosting in Atlantic Canada. They have promoted Atlantic Canada as a destination for event hosting and have created opportunities for economic growth. They have been involved in the development of new business through partnerships and learning.

Corporate Partner 
This award recognizes the best use of a partnership between a company, organization, agency or individual that contributed to the overall success of an event/s in Atlantic Canada.

Chair's Award
​The Chair’s award is presented to an individual, event or organization that has made significant contributions to the development and promotion of Atlantic Canada as a destination for event hosting. Whether through business ventures, raising awareness of Atlantic Canada as an event destination, or developing partnership and learning opportunities, the recipient’s contributions must have benefitted the event industry and strengthened the spirt of collaboration in event hosting. ​​

Nominations for events held in 2021 will be accepted beginning May 1, 2022

* Representing all four provinces as we promote Atlantic Canada as a destination for event hosting *

* Strengthening the spirit of collaboration in event hosting *

* Creating opportunities for developing new business through partnership and learning *