2019 Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of members of the Event Atlantic Society was held on Thursday May 2, 2019 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island at 1:00pm AST.

Welcome and Introduction
At 1:00pm Past Chair Wayne Long welcomed all to the annual meeting of the Event Atlantic Society and served as Chair for the meeting. 

The scrutineer report showed there were 38 delegates in attendance authorized to vote and cast a ballot. The requisite quorum of members was present. 

Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve agenda as circulated: Neal Alderson 
Seconded: Jennifer Shebib
Motion Carried 

Approval of the Minutes
Motion to approve the minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting minutes as circulated: Tanya Haywood 
Seconded: Dean Lund
Motion Carried 

Organization Report
As Chair Seamus O'Keefe was unable to be in attendance, in lieu of separate chair and staff reports, Stefanie Turner provided an overview of the associations activity over the past year.  Details included the board of directors 1.5 day planning session to outline goals for the organization moving forward; the creation of the membership program; significant updates to the website; the efforts to increase the organizations visibility nationally; and the implementation of an RFP process to host the annual Summit. 

Financial Report 
Laural Lea provided the overview of the association’s financial statements. 
Motion to approve the 2018 financial statements as circulated: Laurel Lea
Seconded: Bobby Dunn 
Motion Carried 

Approval of the Acts of the Directors 
Motion to approve the Acts of the Directors for 2018: Tanya Haywood
Seconded: Neal Alderson
Motion Carried 

 By-Law Amendments 
An amendment to the by-law 14 was proposed. 
14. An annual general meeting shall be held within three months after every fiscal year end and notice is required which must:

a)specify the date, place and time of the meeting,
b)be given to the members thirty (30) days prior to the meeting,
c)be given to the members by newsletters, newspapers, television, radio, e-mail,telephone, fax and/or other electronic means,
d)specify the intention to propose a special resolution, and 
e)the non-receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings

Amendment proposed: An annual general meeting shall be held annually during the Event Atlantic Summit and notice is required which must:

Motion to approve the by-law amendment: Brodie O'Keefe
Seconded by: Meredith Caissie

Election of Directors 
A vote was called for the open Nova Scotia seat. Bio's were circulated electronically to all Summit delegates prior to the AGM.  Ballots were cast prior to the AGM being called to order.  Matt Moore was the successful candidate. 
The following slate of candidates were nominated for two-year terms (2019-2021): 
Bobby Despres – Fredericton, NB 
Tanya Haywood - St. John's, NL
Matt Moore - Truro. NS
JP Desrosiers - Summerside, PE

The following slate of candidates were nominated for one-year terms (2019-20):
Denis LeBlanc - Shediac, NB

Motion to approve the slate of candidates for one and two-year terms: Meredith Caissie
Seconded: Laurel Lea 
Motion Carried 

The Board will subsequently appoint the Officers for the positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer/Corporate Secretary. 

Other Business 
There was no other business. 

Motion to adjourn at 1:12 p.m.: Dean Lund