​Founding partners

Position Atlantic Canada as the best event experience

Event Atlantic was formed in 2015 as a non-profit association comprised of members from a number of sectors including; tourism, economic development, sport industry and various levels of governments from all four Atlantic Provinces.

OUR  mission

OUR Vision

​​​Work together, with community at the heart of our industry and the centre of our organization​​​

Inspire and create fun environments with enriching experiences

​​Embrace and celebrate the diversity of our audiences, events, communities, and stakeholders

​Commit to excellence and strive for new ideas, use of best practices, and continuous improvement

​Cultivate credibility with members and stakeholders through integrity, transparency, and leadership

​Focus on sustainability – economic, social, cultural, and environmental – of our industry and organization

Inspire and support the growth, development and sustainability of Event Tourism in Atlantic Canada

Who We Are

our Core values